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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,    ETC.                 117

ville and her daughter, both looking very well. I
have promised to dine with them. To-day I dined
with Lord Malmesbury. Last night I was in his
box aux Italiens. It was Stratonice et Fanchetie.
Madame Dugazon did not act*

The fiacres are much neater than they used to
be. There is no regulated fare, therefore one
makes a bargain on stepping into these motley

They say General d'Alvinizi1 is coming down
in two columns, with a very formidable force, upon
Bonaparte, who has only 23,000 men left, and per-
haps you will soon hear of some great derangement
in the French projects in that part of the world.
Basile is still at Menil, poor and almost blind.

La Mere Gertrude2 came the other day from
Passy on foot, though past eighty, to see Madame
de Laborde. The latter is reinstated in all her
possessions. Madame de Beauveau lives in a small
house at St. Germain.

The Dunkirk flotilla, object of our alarms, has
been shipwrecked on its own coast. There has

1  Field Marshal  d'Alvinm  commanded a division in
Laudohn's army, and was afterwards commander-in-chief at
Rivoli and Arcole.     He was much respected, though not
successful as a military man.   He died in 1810, aged 84.*

2  Ex-abbess of the Ursuline convent where Mrs. Swin-
burne was a pensionnaire.